Hugo: How to create URL links to in-post headers

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Problem: I am creating a long post summarizing many different sub items as part of my QCon SF 2018 debrief and want to create a table of contents of sorts in order to help readers jump to the locations they desire. To do this, I was thinking of linking directly to the headings of each of the individual talks similar to how Wikipedia allows you to share a specific heading themselves. How can I go about doing this?

Solution: To create a link to a specific header, you basically just need to create a link the same way you would create any other, but instead of supplying a url, just supply the relative url of that specific header. This is a little confusing, but bare with me for a sec.

Under the hood, Hugo is just going to be creating a link to a page element’s ID field, for example:

<div id="my-div" />

So in a url, you would link to this div via MYURL/my/path#my-div. To support this, Hugo creates a unique id field on each header which consists of the header’s text in all lowercase with all punctuation replaced with -.

To double-check what id you need to be linking to, you can:

Equipped with this knowledge, you can create an id-link to your header in the following ways:

So, for instance, in my QCon SF 2018 debrief, I have a link to the Key takeaways section declared with:

[Key takeaways](#key-takeaways)

which Hugo will transform into its fully-qualified form as part of the generation process.