OBS Studio: How to remux mkv to mp4

Published: 2020-06-01 13:59:02 +0000 UTC

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I use OBS Studio a lot to record demos of my projects and videos of my audio visualizations like monoform and maudern. I like it because it’s free, powerful, works anywhere, and is pretty straightforward to use.

One thing I kept running into though was that OBS Studio recommends you use mkv video format as apparently that format is better for when streams could end abruptly. mp4 has a constraint where if you don’t finish up encoding the entire encoding is corrupted.

This is fine encoding-wise as mkv is still playable in many places and it has similar video quality. But it’s not playable in all places (like Instagram currently) so when it comes to distribution, mp4 is the better choice.

So how do I remux the mkv videos that OBS studio outputs into an mp4 that I can share anywhere?


You can actually do this right within OBS Studio. To do so:

  • Click File > Remux Recordings from the topbar menu
  • Select a row in the OBS Recordings column and then click the button with an ellipsis - ...
  • Select the mkv file you want to convert and click Open
  • Select Remux

OBS Studio will then start converting your mkv to mp4!

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