WSL: Can't install `gcc`, can't install `patchelf`

Published: 2020-05-11 23:02:01 -0400 -0400

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I just moved back over to Windows and am trying to set up my dev environment on Windows Subsystem for Linux (wsl). In the process of trying to brew install something, I ran into the error gcc must be installed. So I tried to brew install gcc but it threw an error patchelf must be installed. Then I tried to brew install patchelf but it throws the error gcc must be installed! So now I’m confused because I can’t have patchelf without gcc and can’t have gcc without patchelf.


There’s an instruction in the installation guide for homebrew that mentions running sudo apt-get install build-essential. If you run that then you should be able to go ahead and install gcc with homebrew.

Note that if you’re having problems running the install command for build-essential, you should try refreshing the package repos with sudo apt-get update

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